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August 11, 2013


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     After the whole 'incident' between practically being stalked by Oliver, you made a decision.  "Vhat ze hell?!" You decided to marry Oliver. Germany's face was utterly shocking to you when you saw it. He looked flushed, and slightly turned pink but quickly hid it with his palm. "Vhat zhe holy hell is wrong with you, ________?!" Germany said. "How could you possibly want to marry this maniac? Have you lost your mind?!?!" Your brows furrowed. "It's no big deal, I'm in love with him. And he loves me in return." you said. "Why can't you get over the fact that I wanna be with him?" Italy butted into the conversation. "Si, I agree with _______." he said. "They love each other, and I respect that. Excluding the fact that I was tied up in a closet to die, who cares?" Germany became even more furious at the Italian. "'Who cares?'," he asked. "I CARE! I practically looked out for _______ ever since she vas big enough to valk. And now that I'm hearing her getting married to a complete psycho, I have ze right to object!!" This made both you and Italy step back. You placed your hands on your hips. "Authority, my foot! I am nineteen, you can't tell me what to do!" you snapped at him. You placed your hand on your chest. "I am my own person, I have control over me. Not you! Besides, it's not like you've never fallen in love." Germany's gaze slightly looked over at Italy who was sitting on the couch watching you two argue. He blushed a little. "Zat's not the point. You're too young to get married! Anyvay, you should reconsider it." Germany said. This made you very angry. You suddenly snapped. "Says the guy who stuffs his face with wurst, and gets drunk off of cheap beer!" He stepped back a bit. "You don't control me! I am the country of (country name), and I've been able to become the best and biggest empire since Rome ever appeared. So stay out of my life, you German creep!" After saying these words, you stormed off to your bedroom, slamming your door behind you. You couldn't control your anger any longer, doing so, you began to tear up anything you could find. Pictures, cards, your dresser, and even a Gilbird plushie Germany had given you on your tenth birthday. You stared at the scattered remains of the now destroyed items. 

 You cried yourself to sleep that night. You really didn't mean to call Germany a creep, it just slipped out. You hug your Nyan cat pillow that Japan gave you in your arms (yes, Nyan cat. Problem? :iconnyancatplz: ) Hot tears rolled down your cheeks, never seizing for a second. After ten minutes of crying, you finally slept.

"_________?" You heard a voice say your name during the night. "_______." Your body lifted itself up from the bed. The voice then became clear, it was Oliver. You could see his pink  orbs shimmer in the darkness of the room. "Hi, Oliver." you said as you rubbed your tired eyes. "What brings you here?" He was quiet for moment, trying to find the right words for a conversation. "I want you." This sudden statement made you blush, he began to walk towards you. "I want you, ______. Please, let me love you." Oliver said. He no longer smiled evilly, but more calmly. Even though you were blushing madly, you nodded anyways. You then felt something soft on your lips, he began to kiss you. It was forceful, but you could feel pleasure in it. You began to kiss back, wrapping your arms around his neck, he deepened the kiss by wrapping his arms around your waist. For a moment, he started to pull back. He took off his tie, then his vest, lastly, his pink shirt. Now, he was shirtless with only his pants on. He gently pushed you on the bed, climbing on top of you. You both began to kiss again. 

     You really got into the kiss, so without hesitation, you slipped off your (favorite color)T-shirt, Oliver smirked as he saw your lacey black bra. He began to kiss your neck, making you slightly moan. "Nnngh~..." This made him smirk more. "Moan louder, ______~" Oliver said. He then kissed you more on your neck, then sucked and licked a spot. "Nnnngh! A- ah~" you moaned louder. He bit down harder, causing you to grip his shoulders tighter, moaning and moaning louder. His tongue begins to slowly travel down your neck and onto your bare chest, your back arches upwards as the sudden feel of the moist substance nears your breasts. Making your cheeks burn more and more.  You struggle to hold in your moans, afraid to awaken the others in the home. Oliver smirks down at your furiously reddened face, your panting becoming more and more high.  You then face slightly up to his face, his pink and blue orbs never leaving your sight. "Oliver. . ." you mumble, your voice sounded raspy as you say is name. His hand strokes your face, his fingers glide gently down your skin. "What is it, _____?" he asked you. You manage to catch your breath, you open your mouth to speak. "Take me. . ." Oliver looks at you in the eyes. "What was that, _____? I couldn't hear you~" he says. You say it again, but your voice is a little louder. "P- please take me, Oliver, I want you, please." He smiles at you. "Good girl~" He then seals the gap by roughly pressing his lips onto yours, as he does so, you felt his tongue on your bottom lip. You allow him to gain entrance, in which his tongue wrestles with yours. You both embrace each other while doing so, your hands grip hard on his white long sleeve white shirt. After getting into a passionate kiss, he pulls away, giving time to catch your breath. Shortly afterwards, he starts to kiss you again, by doing so you fall backwards, with him as well. Your arms wrap around his neck, the kiss gets more deepened. "I love you, _______." he says through the kiss. "I love you too, Oliver." During the kiss, you felt something touch your spot. You shuddered at the touch, you moan again. He rubs it again and again, giving out more moans from you. You grip harder onto the back of his shirt to try and silence your even louder moans.  He then whispered in your ear. "Are you ready,______~" he asked. You nodded, still blushing. Y- Yes, I....want you inside me.." you said. He proceeds to climb on top of you. He began to thrust, harder and harder with every step, you moaned louder. With every move of it, your back would arch upwards, you let out louder moans, but with more pleasure to them. 

    "Ahhh~ Oliver.. . - AHHHHH~ FASTER, FASTER, OLIVER!"
"Oh no, I think I'm about to come..." 

*Time skip brought to you by pandas everywhere :iconpandaplz: *

  The sun's rays shone through the blind's of your window as morning came into view. Your eyes flutter open as it reached your face. You look down to see Oliver snuggled up against you in your bed, you see yourself in your bra and panties while he is sleeping in his boxers. You smile at him, giving him a kiss on his forehead. You ease your way out from under his arms, you were able to freshen up and manage to not wake up anyone in the house. Oliver then wakes up, smiling as he sees you in the room. "Morning, poppet~" he says. "Good morning, Oliver." you say with a smile. He gets out of the bed and walks up to you, giving you a hug. His head rested on your shoulder. You return the hug by wrapping your arms around his neck. "I love you." Oliver says.
You smile at this. "I love you too."

    ~weeks later~
    You were in the kitchen helping Italy with dinner, following his usual pasta recipe. "______, could you get the tomatoes from the fridge please?" he asks. "Sure, Feli." You make your way to the fridge, as you opened the door, you suddenly felt a pain in your stomach. Your face flushes red. Italy looks at you worried. "________, what's wrong?" he asks you. You turn to him. "N- nothing, it's just a slight ache in my stomach, I'm f-" Your hand quickly covers your mouth. "______....?" You then run to the bathroom, not caring to close the door. You bend down near the toilet, and vomit loudly. As you finished, you saw your brother at the doorway, his face filled with worry. "_-______, are you okay?" he asks. You stand up. "Yes, I'm fine, just a little nauseous, that's all." you reply. "Are you sure, do you need me to take you to the hospital?" You shake your head no. "I'm fine, really." you say. "Now, let's get back to making dinner, okay?" You walk past him and into the kitchen. You had kept your late night scene with Oliver a secret from Italy and Germany for a while now, especially Germany. He was always like a father to you, and if he were to find out about your time with him, he'd be more than furious. So you and Italy continued to make the pasta. 
    *Italy's POV*
    I've noticed that ______ has gotten weird food cravings during the past two weeks, she's been eating odd things, and it seems that she's gotten rather bigger in weight. It's really strange, I wonder what has happened to her? Germany had come over to see how we were doing, he apologized to ______ for last week's argument between her and them. "_______, I'm sorry about earlier, I didn't mean to cause you any harm," he says. "Can you forgive me?" She looks him in the eyes and says, "Yeah, I forgive you, Germany." You smile at him.  _________ sits beside him at the couch, her hands on her lap in fists, she looks down at them. We all enjoy a good breakfast in the living room together. She sets her fork down on her plate, putting her plate on the table. She wipes the crumbs off of her mouth with a napkin. "So now that we're okay now, there's something I need to tell you," yous say. They both look up at you curiously. "What is it, ______?" Italy asked. You close your eyes and take in a deep breath. "Guys, I'm pregnant." 
   Germany's eyes couldn't have been any wider. "VHAT?!!!!" He nearly choked on his toast. Italy was shocked, but he only smiled, happy to have heard such good news, Germany, however, was still freaking out as it is. 

    ~a few months later~ 
"Oh. . ." 
"______, vhat's wrong?"
" I. . . think my water broke."
"OH GODS! ITALY, HURRY, AND START ZHE CAR!!" So they drove you to the hospital, in time. They quietly waited in the waiting room as you were delivering. "Almost there, here comes the head!" the nurse says. Then the stomach, and the feet. "It's a girl." says the doctor. Tiny cries filled the room, you smile weakly as you see the woman holding her. "She's so beautiful. . . " you say. The nurse gives her to you, her frail body sits in your arms. The others come in, relieved to see to you okay. Italy smiles brightly at the little girl's sleeping form, you also see Germany's brother here as well, Gilbert. "Zhis is so awesome! I'm un uncle!" he says fist pumping the air. Germany smiles at you, tears well up at the corners of his eyes. You smile back at him. "She's gorgeous, just like her mutti." he says. "_______." You turn your head towards the door, seeing Oliver. He comes to you, trying to hold back tears as he nears his newborn baby girl. "She's so lovely." he says, he softly strokes her face. "Have you thought of a name for her?" Italy asks. You look down at the baby then at Germany. "Why don't you name her, Germany?" you ask. He is surprised at your response, but smiles. "How about. . . Emily?" You nod. "I think that's a wonderful name" you say. Oliver nods in agreement. "Emily Kirkland it is, then." And with that, you all exit the hospital, all smiles on your faces. 
(Yes, it's finally complete! I hope you all enjoy the other details I added to this, I know it's no the best, but this is my first lemon. So please comment! THANK YOU! :D
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