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April 7, 2013


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Harsh words, Violence, and mature content ahead.
You have been warned.

 After the whole 'incident' between practically being stalked by Oliver, you made a decision.  "Vhat ze hell?!" You decided to marry Oliver. Germany's face was utterly shocking to you when you saw it. He looked flushed, and slightly turned pink but quickly hid it with his palm. "Vhat zhe holy hell is wrong with you, ________?!" Germany said. "How could you possibly want to marry this maniac? Have you lost your mind?!?!" Your brows furrowed. "It's no big deal, I'm in love with him. And he loves me in return." you said. "Why can't you get over the fact that I wanna be with him?" Italy butted into the conversation. "Si, I agree with _______." he said. "They love each other, and I respect that. Excluding the fact that I was tied up in a closet to die, who cares?" Germany became even more furious at the Italian. "'Who cares?'," he asked. "I CARE! I practically looked out for _______ ever since she vas big enough to valk. And now that I'm hearing her getting married to a complete psycho, I have ze right to object!!" This made both you and Italy step back. You placed your hands on your hips. "Authority, my foot! I am nineteen, you can't tell me what to do!" you snapped at him. You placed your hand on your chest. "I am my own person, I have control over me. Not you! Besides, it's not like you've never fallen in love." Germany's gaze slightly looked over at Italy who was sitting on the couch watching you two argue. He blushed a little. "Zat's not the point. You're too young to get married! Anyvay, you should reconsider it." Germany said. This made you very angry. You suddenly snapped. "Says the guy who stuffs his face with wurst, and gets drunk off of cheap beer!" He stepped back a bit. "You don't control me! I am the country of (country name), and I've been able to become the best and biggest empire since Rome ever appeared. So stay out of my life, you German creep!" After saying these words, you stormed off to your bedroom, slamming your door behind you. You couldn't control your anger any longer, doing so, you began to tear up anything you could find. Pictures, cards, your dresser, and even a Gilbird plushie Germany had given you on your tenth birthday. You stared at the scattered remains of the now destroyed items.

 You cried yourself to sleep that night. You really didn't mean to call Germany a creep, it just slipped out. You hug your Nyan cat pillow that Japan gave you in your arms (yes, Nyan cat. Problem? :iconnyancatplz: ) Hot tears rolled down your cheeks, never seizing for a second. After ten minutes of crying, you finally slept.

"_________?" You heard a voice say your name during the night. "_______." Your body lifted itself up from the bed. The voice then became clear, it was Oliver. You could see his pink  orbs shimmer in the darkness of the room. "Hi, Oliver." you said as you rubbed your tired eyes. "What brings you here?" He was quiet for moment, trying to find the right words for a conversation. "I want you." This sudden statement made you blush, he began to walk towards you. "I want you, ______. Please, let me love you." Oliver said. He no longer smiled evilly, but more calmly. Even though you were blushing madly, you nodded anyways. You then felt something soft on your lips, he began to kiss you. It was forceful, but you could feel pleasure in it. You began to kiss back, wrapping your arms around his neck, he deepened the kiss by wrapping his arms around your waist. For a moment, he started to pull back. He took off his tie, then his vest, lastly, his pink shirt. Now, he was shirtless with only his pants on. He gently pushed you on the bed, climbing on top of you. You both began to kiss again.

 You really got into the kiss, so without hesitation, you slipped off your blue T-shirt, Oliver smirked as he saw your lacey black bra. He began to kiss your neck, making you slightly moan. "Nnngh~..." This made him smirk more. "Moan louder, ______~" Oliver said. He then kissed you more on your neck, then sucked and licked a spot. "Nnnngh! A- ah~" you moaned louder. He bit sown harder, causing you to grip his shoulders tighter, moaning and moaning louder. He then whispered in your ear. "Are you ready,______~" he asked. You nodded, still blushing. Y- Yes, I....want you inside me.." you said. He began to thrust, harder and harder with every step, you moaned louder.

*Time skip brought to you by pandas everywhere :iconpandaplz: *

 The next morning had come. You woke up in Oliver's arms, happily snuggling together in the bed. You felt him kiss your back and hug you tighter. You smiled down at him. You were truly a worthy couple. "Oliver?" you asked. "Hmm?" "I think I'm pregnant." He jumped up from the bed. "What?!" And so, you had two beautiful children. Matthew Williams and Alfred Jones.

And so ends our little story. Bye!
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