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February 19, 2013


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Oliver Kirkland

I heard rumors of him at school in the mornings. People would always say that he was a deranged killer, and a psycho. He was described as a very..well, 'experienced' man. My friends warned me to watch my back when I would walk home from school in the afternoons. I never understood why he seemed so dangerous, I mean, the guy was supposed to be Jack the Ripper. He was in the 1800s! Surely, he couldn't still be alive..right? 'No, I thought. Absolutely not. He's not real. Just a myth!' At least, I had hoped so...

(Time skip to after sixth period!)

"Hey, _____!" You heard your friend Amelia yell as you were at your locker. "Oh,hey Amelia." you said. "What's up?" You put a lock of your (h/c) behind your ear. "I'm hearing more and more rumors about this 'Oliver Kirkland' guy," Amelia said. "You gonna be okay after school?" You nodded smiling. "I'll be fine," you said. "Don't worry about me." Amelia's eyes slightly narrowed. "Well, if something comes up, you call me, 'kay?" she asked, giving you a hug. You hugged back. "Sure thing, bye!" You left for home.

You wore a light blue jacket and 'I love NY' cap Amelia had given you for your birthday one summer. She was your best friend out of the Allies. As you walked through the dim streets of (hometown), you felt a sudden chill wave through your spine. 'I feel like I'm being watched...."you thought feeling slightly frightened. Yous slowly turned around, but nothing was there. You sighed, turned around, and headed for home.

Opening the front door, you said "I'm home!" Before getting inside, you were glomped by none other than your big brother, Italy. "Ve~ Welcome home, _____!~" he said nuzzling your cheek with his. You chuckled, saying "Hey, Feliciano. Nice to be home." You managed to get his arms ,that were tightly wrapped around your waist, off. You sat your coat and cap on the couch. "How was school?~" Feliciano asked sitting next to you. "It was okay." you said. "I'm just glad I'm home. I'm soo tired!" Italy placed your head on his shoulder, he smiled as you closed your eyes. You then opened them when you smelled something..burning? "Uh..Feli? Did You leave the stove on?" He gasped and shot up from his seat. "Oh no! THE PASTAA!!" He ran towards the kitchen.

As nighttime came into view, you retired to your room for the night, where as a sleeping Italy was tucked and fast asleep at your side in the bed. Since Germany wasn't here, he slept with you most of the time (nothing weird!) . You yawned, closed your eyes and fell asleep. It was only a about three hours before you knew what had happened soon after that night...

What will happen next, I wonder?
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Oh, Undertaker. ^^ XD 
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