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Dear Friends [Disney] :iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
Ancient Thrills [Original Song + Lyrics]
So the many fellows
Are wearing all their yellows
To comfort their lady by their side;
Never truly sayin' the thoughts they've been slayin',
Their secrets they keep covered with pride
But I know what they like:
Bottles of brandy, drinking to the end,
Merriment leaking about in the den
To the music that's whistlin' around the crescendo,
And back again
The little daisy flowers are 
Flowing in the showers
Of the heavy rain that's pourin'
Over the dizzy lanes a blowin' 
All around the town 
So we'll meet again, 
Till the story ends,
Never truly grieving 
The report we're leaving
Under the review, 
Praise the revenue;
Always we'll forever be the very best of moons -
Even while we're dancing, the tunes
We'll be rustling to,
The bustling due to never-ending stories
That tell about the glories;
What excitement awaits the
Sunny fields of happy dates of
Lifelong pals, forever mates,
Till we meet again, I'll remember your face. 
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
Dating Ira Zenith (OC) Would Involve...
 You first meeting one another while at the bookstore and finding out that you both were reaching for the same book; "Oh, I'm sorry, were you...?, you begin to ask them, only to have them shake their head and hand you the book instead, even though it was the last copy on the shelf. They're kind of guilty and want to apologize, but you stop them and you give Ira the book back and tell me to not worry about it before you walk away. Ever since then, Ira dubs you the "Book Giver" and can't believe how nice you were to them at the very last minute.
You finding out that Ira is a selective mute when you ask for their name and they write it down for you on a piece of paper to read off of. Soon enough, you two are writing out your conversation the whole time and learning more about each other. "Nice to meet you, I'm Ira. I like to read and dance as hobbies."; "I'm _____. Nice to meet you."
Ira letting you know that they're pansexual immediately after you get to know them better throughout
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
Dragon Labyrinthine [Original Song + Lyrics]
Lying awake, I hear your screams, 
A terrible make-up of silent schemes
Surrounded in darkness, a trick so near;
No matter the dangers, I will be here
To tame the same beast that's been trapped in your
Labyrinth heart with a thrill so sure 
That's horrid and ghastly, there shouldn't be 
The strangled up cobwebs to wrap around me...
Still, I'm lost in this forever-changing place,
A thundering disgrace 
With a wonder for luring me from your trace
Of endless happiness 
Backed in a corner, I fear no more,
For the dangers I faced are forever more
A moment of quickness that seems to fit
My makings of gladness that's all so swift 
Here they come,
Here they come,
Here they co-o-ome!
Built for some,
Built for some, 
Built for so-o-ome
Of those who are now underlying the past! 
I guess for now it's better for some things to last. 
For better for worse, 
I think you've been the first to
Tell me whatever happened to your old due
Amount from th
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
D I A M O N D || S T A T U S [Personal Humor]
If I were an actor, here's what would go down: 

1. "Famous actor or cry-baby?"
I'd be incredibly emotional when meeting fans. I'm known to cry really easily, so I'd most likely do that and hug everyone who squealed at me once a convention hit. I'd squeeze you like a grizzly bear, tell you that you're amazing, and leave you with a nice autograph and a smile (and another hug for the road). 
2. "When life gets you down, call someone!" 
During Q & A sessions, I'd be waiting patiently, giddy for someone to call on me as of I were in a classroom. And when they did, I'd try my best to look serious, but I'd end up looking like an idiot and laugh for nor Eason before answering after composing myself. Then I'd thank you, take my seat, and while the others are answering quesrions, I'd purposely make the audience laugh as I'd make weird faces behind their backs. 
3. "Dance the cares away!" 
The moment
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
Hill of Dreams Lullaby [Original Song + Lyrics]
Come meet me on the mountain
Where our memories surrounds us,
For the troubles that contain our hearts
Will forever be forgotten 
Then, we will see, 
In this never-ending dream,
A wondrous occasion
Of running through the trees. 
Sing for me, my dear Ember,
Of the broken waves we rode;
How the paths we crossed seemed to have held
A longing melody. . .
Oh, how the sounds seem shattered 
Against the blazing wonders of
Aching beats of my heart, aching peaks of my. . .
And so, now we are standing taller to
The trumpets to your own soul.
Take all that you need to feel at home,
This time, together we'll roam. . .
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
Homestuck Persona Bio [Diriss Bothin]
Basic Information:
Name: Diriss Bothin 
Species: Troll
Gender: Female 
Age: 8.212 Sweeps (17 Human Years) 
Derse or Prospit?: Prospit
Strife  Axekind
Weapon: Double-Bladed Battle Axe 
Game Entry Item: (John's apple, Dave's egg, etc) Her leather journal 
Sprite: (Prototypes, pre- or post-entry, and final form) Two of her mashed together = Dirissprite
Exile: (Their name and function pre- and post-exile)
Server Player: Othono Inotek
Client Player: Vathos Astrin
Title: Mage of Blood
Active or Passive?: Active
Troll-Specific Information: (Human characters delete this section!)
Blood color: Lavender 
Symbol: An upside down V with a backwards P facing upward within it.  
Lusus: A panda 
Ancestor: The Pianist 
Hive: A medium-sized hive with the theme based on a greenhouse, plants everywhere, hanging from the ceiling of the living room. There is pale-beige wallpaper and different types of flowers in every room. It's located on
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
Creepypasta OC - [Beast]
Full Name: Unknown 
Aliases: Beast, Keres, Thorne, Briar, Sith, and Rider.
Occupation: Cannibal, hunter
Date Of Birth: December 12th 
Gender: Andrognyous (biologically female) 
Pronouns: She/He/They 
Age: Physically 24 
Height/Weight: 6'1" ft./124 lbs. 
Catchphrase: "Meat..." 
How She Kills: She pounces on a victim, pinning them to the ground and, firstly, biting into their neck and continuing until going for their limbs. She eats them alive, or sometimes kills the victim before devouring them. 
Appearance: Somewhat frizzy dark brown hair which goes to her back, dull, gray-blue eyes, and slightly pale-tan skin. She wears a sleeveless, black t-shirt, black shorts, and her feet are bare (she doesn't care much for shoes). She has a muscular, well-toned body, almost that of a male. She also has razor sharp teeth, similar to a shark. 
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 1 0
Sendetta - The Poet's Planet Guide [DW Universe]
[1] Located between the Cigar and Andromeda Galaxies, Sendetta is found in the Latterman Galaxy, holding approximately 12 stars and 3 moons, and 2 Suns. It's  home to many various races of extraterrestrials and other sorts of lifeforms. It is known for its planet's immense heating temperatures, some providing relaxation (similar to that of a sauna or a hot spring). It lives and breathes off of vaporization and hot gases, causing heat to flow through the planet, giving everything in its view energy and life. Rain, or other sources of liquid substances can damage the properties of Sendettra, making it almost impossible to repair due to limited natural resources, some used to make items and other materials.
[2] An element called Ventik is one of the main sources of Sendetta being. Ventik provides important nutrients to properly produce foods and herbs, also medicine. Anything needed to help or support alien life, Ventik can do the trick, so long as you use it appropriately. Some Send
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
Heart of the Spaceman [Original Song + Lyrics]
I'm an astronaut, streaming through the Milky Way,
And you're a mystery hidden by a storm
And I say, if you want us to meet some day,
This great Galaxy we'd explore! 
[Upbeat drum and keyboard instrumentals - 18 seconds]
Take your time, to ask your heart
If you've thought to be a part
Of this feeling that we shared from the start,
To this changing art 
Harmony is just a piece of what it could be
If we would get together - 
Wait for me to make it right for us;
Please wait and see
Everything to happen with you,
Everything to occur, please do not
Lose the time!
Anything to be here - let it
Open up your mind - tell your heart
It's us to SHINE! 
Oh, sunset of my soul,
It's you that makes whole,
A truthful, lasting being
Wait for me to show
Just how much I have grown 
To make this worth us seeing
Now, I'm here, an astronaut to 
Keep you from your fears
It's time to risk it all and
Make you mine
Your tears, however much are falling,
Know your remedy: You'll be wi
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
Let's Be Real... [Me Talk]
First of all, I want to let you all know that I love you as human beings. Now, let's get right to business and bust this sucker open. Good morning/afternoon/evening/day/night, etc., everyone! :) 
For those of you who know of me on DA, I am a Christian and, as I like to call myself, a "celibate individual". Most of you (if you haven't found out already) might not realize two essential things about, which are as followed: I do not want to get married, nor do I want to have kids any part of my life.
Before any of you comment below, telling me how I'll grow out of it", or I'll "get to it soon", I've already been told this ever since I was 13, which was the age I first started telling my mom and granny that I don't want kids or a spouse. I've never enjoyed the thought of having to look after something smaller than myself except a dog or two, nor have I ever given the time of day to think of pleasing a spouse of my own. Yes, I'm still young, and I haven't gotten through life yet, but I
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 5
A Dreamer's Paradise [Ava Edition] {Playlist}
[Bad, Pretty and Dangerous] (*Party Mix*) 
1. Bringing Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake 
2. Animals - Maroon 5 
3. Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande 
4. Talk Dirty to Me - Jason Derulo 
5. Hideaway - Kiesza
6. Me, Myself & I (Viceroy Remix) - G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha 
7. Jenny - Studio Killers 
8. Ode to the Bouncer - Studio Killers 
9. Magic - Studio Killers 
10. Ghost - Studio Killers 
11. Closer - Chainsmokers 
12. I Put a Spell On You - Annie Lennox 
[Overall Themes] (*Personality, Past, Etc.*)
1. Demons - Imagine Dragons 
2. I'll Be Good - Jaymes Young 
3. One Last Time - Jaymes Young 
4. Sweet Disposition - Temper Trap
5. Magic - Mystery Skulls 
6. Control - Halsey 
7. Gasoline - Halsey
8. Mad Hatter - Melanie Martinez 
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
Mature content
Pain Is Beauty For Most [Psychology Article] :iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 1 0
My CreepyPasta HeadCannons #1
[1] I have a headcannon which states that Slender-Folk have limited access to teleportation. They get tired easily and the constant rush of moving from place to place in merely a second wears them out and drains a small amount of their energy each time they do it. Similar to when they transform; they can disguise themselves as humans, but for their sake of staying more alert and active (more on the levels of conserving their energy and strength), they decide to leave their physical forms alone and continue to trudge through the forests with the trees hiding their figures. They hunt at night, leaving the daylight for times of rest, relaxation, and preparation for their nighttime business. They feed on the souls and memories of humans, taking in their very essence once they dispose of them. Slender-Folk either kill or eat humans, depending on their mood. Their appetite ranges from moderate to severe, some being so hungry to the point of consuming a group of people at once. With Splendorm
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
If my OCs Were Animals [possible AU...?]
1. Ira Zenith - Honey Badger 
2. Ava Carter - Drop Bear 
3. Patrick Downing - Rabbit 
4. Urashima Kazumi - Peacock
5. Tristian Vitale - Squirrel 
6. Sylvia Bask - Lamb 
7. Connor Peterson - Fox 
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0
Patrick Downing [OC Bio]
Full Name: Patrick Carter Downing 
Secondary Name: Vivian Casandra Downing 
Nicknames: Rick/P.C/P.T
Race: Caucasian 
Ethnicity:  American
Religion: Christian
Birthplace: Kingsport, Tennessee 
Current Residence: Calgary, Canada 
Birthday: December 10th, 1957
Age: 29 
Astrological/Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 
Gender: Non-binary (biologically male) 
Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them 
Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Occupation: Professional photographer, hobbyist painter 
Appearance: Standing at 5'8" ft in height, and weighing approximately 147 lbs. His hair is thick and goes past his shoulders, and a light-brown color. His eyes are dark-green. The bangs are long enough to cover his eyes. He wears oval-shaped, grey-rimmed glasses. He always wears his hair in a ponytail. His skin
:iconpucca2000:Pucca2000 0 0


Prince!France X Male!Reader - loving you.
Prince!France X Prince!Cross-dressing!Male!Reader
he/him and her/she pronouns used for reader [will make sense in story, but reader is male 100%]
also i only put [name] since my name is gender neutral and not [male name] or [female name]
*royalty au
“Remember to stand tall, chin up, shoulders back.”
“I know.”
“Also, remember to be polite! Manners!
"Yes, I know mother.”
“And of course, please smile.” Your mother turned to you as you both stopped in front of the door that led to the throne room.
A smile tugged at your lips as your mother rambled on about other lady-like things that you should remember to do and what not, it really warmed your heart about how much she really cared about you. 
“Now [Name],” You turned from the door to look at the older woman, “I know... I know that you truly don't want this, I don't want this for you, but you know how your father is. He will do anything to better our
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 34 15
Vikings Modern AU fic part 4: Expecting

Note: This story is set seven years after the original and Ivar and Dagmar are adults now, so that explains the marriage and pregnancy. Those who've known me long enough should recognise the baby name suggestions mentioned, comment if you recognise them ^^
Dagmar let out a quiet groan as she let herself fall onto the sofa, exhausted after a long day of errands and an appointment with the doctor, because there was also another reason for her exhaustion: she was pregnant.
Dagmar was now 23 years old and she and her husband Ivar had been married for nearly a year. Five months ago, they discovered that they were pregnant with their first child, and now Dagmar was really starting to experience some of the normal and expected discomforts of pregnancy. Today's symptom was horrible back pain, and because Dagmar was autistic and also of short stature, the sensory problems made the pain feel especially bad.
Dagmar sat back and stared up at the ceiling,
:icontheeclecticone:TheEclecticOne 2 6
. cherished | china .
A slender hand was ran through the (h/c) tresses of the feminine figure that laid curled near his own body. The slightest of smiles touched his pallid features as he took observation of his beloved lover. The comfort of her warmth brought a peacefulness to his mind as his hand continued to stroke the softness of her hair. This was a position that he could lay in forever with her, however that was far from a possibility for either of them. He was the crown prince of his nation while __________ was a mere maid who had captured his love. Though she was very much dear to him, the two had accepted that their love could only be in secret.
Yao only made the slightest of movements to remove himself, however __________  shifted towards the warmth of his body. There was no wish to awake her from her rest, however it appeared the would not be able to move himself from the softness of the bed otherwise.
Qīn'ài de, I must depart for my duties.” His whisper was bri
:iconnejihime:nejihime 10 2
Male!Cruella X Male!Reader ~ Insecurities ~ Ch. 1
Sequel to 'Running', link to the prologue in the description. Reading that first would be a big help with this one if you want to understand half the references :) Enjoy~
Chapter 1

"...Dammit." The hissed curse was met by a giggle by the other person at the table as Curt De Vil dropped the phone into its cradle with a sigh, dropping his head into his hands and glaring up at the sixteen-year-old he'd shared his house with for the past five years.
"Did you just get rid of another one?" [Name] giggled as he brought another crisp to his mouth, Domino sat on the floor beside his chair staring up at him hungrily. "I'm so sorry. I thought Emma was doing so well!" The giggles that continued to punctuate his words along with the underlying sarcasm proved to Curt that [Name] De Vil was not, in fact, sorry at all to hear of the unfortunate departure of his adopted father's most recent in a long line of PAs. Indeed, he seemed quite thrilled. Though it had to be said that he didn't get along
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 28 6
Vikings Modern AU fic part 3: Magazine and Bonding
Ivar had been living at the Halsgaard care home for only a week now, but he had already developed a close friendship and relationship with Dagmar, one of the girls living at the home. Ever since they had met, the two had started to behave differently than normal. Ivar had become much calmer and more chatty as opposed to his usual sarcasm, irritability, cruelty, and cold reserve. Dagmar had also started to socialise a bit more and was extroverted more often as opposed to her former moodiness, being prone to angry outbursts and crying, and spending time sitting by herself. The two teens were nearly inseparable. They spent most of their time together outside underneath the tree in the garden, sitting next to each other in the recreation room, or sometimes in Dagmar's room, reading books and magazines. The staff at the home noticed the positive behavioural changes and encouraged the relationship. Ivar and Dagmar were very happy together, and they would often be seen kissing, holding hands,
:icontheeclecticone:TheEclecticOne 2 8
Pucca: WYIM Page 35 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 307 35 Pucca: WYIM Page 34 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 291 10 Pucca: WYIM Page 33 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 306 22 Pucca: WYIM Page 32 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 325 42 Pucca: WYIM Page 31 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 318 34 Pucca: WYIM Page 30 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 346 56 Pucca: WYIM Page 29 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 277 9 Pucca: WYIM Page 28 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 274 5 Pucca: WYIM Page 27 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 282 9 Pucca: WYIM Page 26 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 354 23 Pucca: WYIM Page 25 :iconlittlekidsin:LittleKidsin 453 74



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"You see, all," The man strolled slowly around them in circles, staring at them with dull eyes, his hands folded behind his back. "I am not a man of patience. If you leave me waiting..." The creatures flinched when coming into view with the long, black whip that sat in his right hand; he inched closer to them, causing them to fall back. To no avail, the whip was reeled back, firstly coming into contact with the face of a younger male Toon. He fell with a thud onto the floor, holding his now bloodied cheek with a shaking palm, his legs curled up against his chest securely. He stared up at the man, eyes wide and petrified, frozen in his place on the floor. The man curled the tool in his hands, tugging on it on occasion, and feeling the tough leather and blood seep into his palm, a sneer on his face. "...You will leave me no choice but to take the words out of your mouths." 

They each shivered violently where they sat on the ground, some hands reaching out to the bloody and bruised Toon that lay in a corner of the room who was too scared to look at the man, let alone everyone else. In fear of showing his face, he hid, only giving them a show of his trembling arms that shielded his body. "Rule Number One of Disney: don't question anything," He walked circles around them all, some watching with wide eyes as he did, others hiding away from his cold gaze. "Rule Number Two: keep smiling, and show no other emotion except for happiness. Happiness is the key to this life of yours, and without it, you all would do nothing for the world except cause it pain. Rule Number Three: no talking back to superiors, unless you want to end up like the scum over here with you." He pointed a thumb in the direction of the wounded Toon. They shook their heads, no desire to be given the same punishment. He smiled, "Lastly, Rule Number Four: performance is everything. Those who do not show good effort, or slack off in any sort of way, will be therefore moved from the premises." Looking around, the man noticed the many confused faces of the Toons and nodded before giving them some feedback. "For example," A muffled gag sounded around them all as the man held one of the Toons' neck tightly in hand. Squeezing roughly, his thumb pressing hard against the throat, causing foam to slowly pour from the mouth. Despite constant protest from the Toon and having it desperately try to pry his arm off, it was no use. After a few more seconds, it gave way and stopped breathing, arms now hanging from the sides, limp and still. Its eyes were wide, pupils dilating, holding the previous expression of shock and fear in them. They flinched as a sickening crack filled the room, seeing the Toon's neck broken and bent slightly to the side.

He tossed it over with a soft thud onto the ground, having the others to back up quickly away from the motionless body so that it wouldn't hit any of them. They stared up at the man, but kept away from his eyes at all costs. He pointed down to the dead Toon, "You will do as I say, when I say it. If you break the rules, you end up like that, understand?" He received quick nods from everyone. "Good. Now, get out, before I make someone else into an example. Remember, Rule Number Two." Getting off of the floor, they all made a beeline for the door, but soon stopped in their tracks to have to force a fake grin on their faces, eyeing the corpse on the floor as they exited quickly and quietly. When making it back to their homes in ToonTown, each creation grew more and more sullen about the whole situation.

Paradise was somethin' real special, they'll give them that much. 
Dear Friends [Disney]
Author's Note: I have returned!! :D I actually wrote this a long time ago...
Song and Lyrics © :iconpucca2000:
Toons © Walt Disney
Picture © Google Images 
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Pucca2000's Profile Picture
Tora M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States


First and foremost, I am a Christian. I do beleive and trust in God. I am an introvert, asocial, but out-going at times when with close friends. I am never prejudice towards anyone; I'll accept and be nice to you so long as you do the same for me.

I am a writer, a free-verse poet, and a songwriter (well, a little bit, although, they're sometimes written in foreign languages). I love art with a passion - I'm not an expert at what I do, but I try. I'm a socially-awkward, bubbly person with fluffy, curly hair, glasses and a love for dogs, cats and pandas. I very much prefer any other genre of music aside from rap/hip-hop (more of an oldies fan).

I am a fan of the animes as followed:
1. Princess Tutu
2. Cardcaptor Sakura
3. R.O.D. The TV
4. Fullmetal Alchemist (Brotherhood)
5. Kuroshitsuji (S. 1 & 3)
6. Hetalia
7. Hidamari Sketch (S. 1 - 4)
8. Death Parade
9. Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (Erased)/The Town With Only Me
10. Princess Jellyfish
11. Rozen Maiden (S. 1 - 4)
12. Pita Ten
13. Michiko to Hatchin

I'm in the love with the shows Doctor Who, Steven Universe, The Big Bang Theory, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, and The Golden Girls.

I am also a fan of Homestuck, however, I haven't read the webcomic entirely. (To any of you other Homestuck fans out there: 'craftyEccentric' [CE] is also my chum handle. I don't actually have one, but I made a name for me, anyway).

My favorite band is Sigur Rós; the lead singer, Jónsi, is also one of my many favorite singers. I love the band Owl City, as well; Fall Out Boys, Imagine Dragons, 30STM, Daughter, Bo En, BRADIO, Gorillaz, and Vocaloid.

You may call me by my username, Pucca, or as my nickname goes - which I made up for myself - Tora, or "The Poet", my Doctor Who title. I am also known as "Jekyll", given by one of my colleagues.

I'm a Timelord at best with a love for Hannibal Lecter.

I leave with a final statement: "Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven." - Matthew 5:16


[Stamps do not belong to me, but to their rightful creators on DA. They simply give insight on me.]

Celibate Stamp by Cheetana

Stamp: Jonsi by sonickingscrewdriver Jonsi Stamp by Ko-omote Sigur Ros Stamp by Ko-omote

Vintage Typewriter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose I Heart Music Stamp 2 by StampMakerLKJ I Refuse To Stop Stamp by StampMakerLKJ

OCs Stamp by himawari-tan Original Characters stamp by StampMakerLKJ RP cute stamp by himawari-tan

Stamp - I love Green Tea by r0se-designs I Put Love Into My Art Stamp by StampMakerLKJ Vintage Japan Stamp by Gasara

friends are inspirations stamp by piijenius Stamp: A Single Pencil (Challenge: Object) by apparate Self-Taught Writer by World-Hero21

Inspire Stamp by Mel-Rosey FeedbackPlz by Ra1nDanc3r Stamp :: I (Heart Heart) Doctor Who by homestucktroll123

[Have a great day! :) ]


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